Values and passion

Elena, a sports psychologist and friend, has been working with me to help me mentally succeed in my challenge. She asked what my values were. Dammit! I’m not sure I’m very self-aware. I just do. I should reflect more. If I like it, I engage, if I don’t like it I move on.

Mmmmm, my values?

  • Be Honest. Easy!  My best and worst quality! Some people can’t deal with it and I’m sorry for that, but if they can and they can accept me for that, then this is who I want to live and work with. No make-up. What you see is what you get.

And Elena made a mark on the paper for the next one…

  • Be kind/thoughtful. Ironically, sometimes my honesty gets in the way of perceived kindness! I like doing things for others.

Another mark went on the paper. Jeeze Louise…

  • Be Free. Is that a value? Apparently so. Got to be free to live. If only everything else was free! #LetsTrade.

Respect life, people and environment. Respect people, their views, way of living and needs. This is quite a difficult one to practice. The environment is our supermarket, our shelter, our thermostat and the rest. Piss it off and it will retaliate.

Take risks. It’s too easy for me to take risks. If I don’t take risks I get bored and happiness suffers. Some would say I’ve made mistakes, I think I take risks and they don’t always pay off. But you learn from these so they’re not mistakes.

Have adventures. This is a combination of risk taking and being free.

Be open-minded. Judging. When I was ill, I looked funny and I said funny things. People probably judged me but they didn’t know the back story. Most often we don’t know the back story. Don’t speculate. Don’t judge yourself, especially not your appearance.

Material happiness. Purchasing stuff. No thanks. Greed is waste. Buying clothes to follow fashion? I’m kind of over wasting money on filling my wardrobe or house (not that I have one of them!). If people judge me for my not so cool clothing, then so be it. #NotFussed

Now I have identified some (a lot) of my values. When I think about it, if I stick to the values, the happier I become.  Wicked.

…..Where is this going?

“Why can’t you be more passionate?’ he said.

This is unfortunately not the start of a Mills and Boon novel but in fact, my ex asking why I couldn’t be more passionate about his passion. Yes, his passion! Why would I be passionate about his passion? I liked climbing and kayaking but I wasn’t going to swap the things I liked doing to live and breathe his thing. However, I realised I didn’t have a passion and I thought it sounded cool. I liked science, I liked playing the piano, I liked camping in his van and adventures. Was I passionate? I don’t think so. I must chase a passion like a dog chases his tail

That was 10 years ago.

I don’t have a tail yet so chasing passions failed! I looked for them but there were no whizz bang moments or enlightenment. Until one day, something I cared about became something I really cared about. The environment. It was a bit geeky in those days and people called me a hippy, a tree hugger. I didn’t care. Now it’s trendy!

Passion #1 The Environment – I don’t know where to start. Our planet, the interactions, the balance, life, air, water, the whole lot is amazing. Mind-boggling. It’s difficult not to preach and to show people what their impact is and I get upset that we are so short sighted and selfish. The only way around this, for me is to focus on what I can do and maybe people will follow. Hopefully it’s not too late. #LeoDiCaprio.  #trash4treats

Passions #2 and #3Travels and adventures. I have always liked these and the more I realised I liked meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and not knowing what was around the corner, I realised I couldn’t live without these two. I ended up in Uganda for a while which has changed my life (see passion #4 and #5). 

Passion #4 and #5Standup paddle-boarding and charity. I fancied a guy in a bar in Uganda who had some paddleboards. I ended up loving it, (not him) and went on to set up a charity (@thebigstand) and business (@SUPKiko) all based around the sport! #trash4treats combines passions #1, #4, #5 and #6

Passion #6My job. When people achieve something they didn’t think they could do, it makes them happy and that makes me happy. That makes it worth calling it a passion. Interacting with people. It’s challenging and every changing. #No6figureSalary

Can you have that many passions?

There are no rules, so yes please.

Do you have to have a passion? Not necessarily but mine have given me purpose, enjoyment and happiness. A reason to live. With no sprogs in tow I have to have some purpose to being on this planet, ‘cause there ain’t no genes being passed on at the moment!

‘Find something you’re passionate about’. Wow, thanks for that. Useful advice!

There isn’t a 1, 2, 3 rulebook of how to find your passion. But I think you need values and to fill your life with things that interest you and make you smile. If you like doing something, do it more, if you find yourself talking about one thing more than others (not Tinder or your boss) then it may be a passion! If it doesn’t make you money, go with it and stop trying to build the bank account. Trust me. I’m honest!

Who knows where your passions and values will take you? I’ve ended up with the biggest challenge of my life, in a very small boat, training for a world record attempt to be the fastest female to row solo across the Atlantic ocean. Cool.

What will be my passion in 10 years time? I have a passion for the unknown. Passion #7

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  1. Hi Kiko,

    Well you kick ass that’s for sure!

    I’m taking time out of work, taking some risks and feel inspired to get my teeth into this project. Love to meet you and see what I can add…..probably raise funds will be my contribution. Love your values, inspired by your recovery (I studied Nutritional therapy and Naturopathy for my career change in 2009).

    I’m hungry to help. Please get in touch and see if we “kick’ LOL.


    Vera Shah (I’m 53 and buzzing! you’ll be surprised:))

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