Where is the cash going?

Honesty and transparency is so important. We only have to look at British politics to know what it causes when we aren’t!  Squirming around the questions, trying to justify dishonest comments and hidden agendas.  And in the adventure world, It’s a big grey area.  Funding someone else’s adventure?

Giving money to someone to do something they want.  I get it.  I understand why the questions arise so this little blog post is all about that.  Is your money going to charity, to the project, to my pocket?  Well here it is, the transparency of the funding and where the donations/sponsorship goes.

Everything has costs and therefore needs a budget.  Things require work.  Organising, marketing, planning, expenses etc. and this all costs money, not to mention the boat, equipment, food and logistics.

Why fund my holiday?  My Challenge?

This question is asked a lot, not just of me but most people doing projects like mine.  If I wanted a holiday, there are much easier and cheaper ways of doing it, trust me!!  This is a job, I must train, go to meetings, promote what I’m doing, give talks, network, marketing, PR etc. and then there is the small matter of the row itself.  It’s not a normal job admittedly, but one nonetheless.  The world needs all sorts of people. We can’t all be doing 9-5.  We all have a choice in life and if this choice can make a career for me then, great!

I also have personal reasons for doing this too – in particular, I’m interested to see how my body can go from barely being able to get upstairs or out of a bath, to putting it through one of the hardest physical and mental challenges out there.  Now, 8 months into my campaign, my real purpose is to inspire women and promote the benefit of challenge, collaboration and community.  Hoping to encourage women and girls to push themselves both physically and mentally, showing that if you want something enough, and work together, supporting one and other, anything can be achieved. Also, highlighting that you don’t have to live a life that is expected, or look a certain way, or do something how we are lead to believe it must be done.  There are different ways for everything and none is right or wrong.

Building community and making a difference is something I am really passionate about and I’m using this challenge, and my funding campaign, 100TogetHER, to do that.  I’m working my little A@** off to achieve this and hopefully it will be a success!

The Budget

I’m looking to raise £100K for the project and £100K for my charity, King’s College Hospital.

If you donate to the Justgiving then that’s the charity, Kings College Hospital.  If you are one of the 100TogetHER members or you pay into the TransAtlantic Solo bank account or via the Donate button (PayPal) then it goes to the project – getting me to the start line, to Barbados and back to UK, safely, whilst helping spread the messages above.

Where’s the money going?

  • Boat charter (Rannoch Adventure) £15,000.00
  • Project Management and talks (Kiko + others)* £30,000.00
  • Row specific training (Rannoch Adventure) £5,000.00
  • Insurance £2,000.00
  • Clothing £2,000.00
  • Loose equipment (on the boat e.g. life raft) £4,000.00
  • Communication and media (e.g. Satellite phone/Data/tech/camera) £6,000.00
  • Food and nutrition incl. training nutrition (60 days) £2,000.00
  • Transport to start (shipping plus personal) £5,500.00
  • Transport back from finish (shipping plus personal) £6,500.00
  • Accommodation in Canaries and Barbados £1,500.00
  • Scrutinising (safety of me and boat) £4,000.00
  • Weather routing and shore support £2,000.00
  • Personal expenses e.g transport to from training (Essex), gym,
  • Personal Training, equipment, travel to meetings/talks £3,500.00
  • Marketing, boat wrap, photos etc. incl. film edit/production** £2,500.00
  • Contingency (10%) £9,050.00

Total £100,550.00

*Project Management – This includes paying myself or others to manage the project (e.g. Adelpha fee to help raise the capital).  Fundraising event organisation, social media, raising profile, giving talks
package or SUP sessions (both promises as part of the 100TogetHER package that require my time and travel)

**Marketing, boat wrap, photos, film* – As part of any package, branding of the boat is required, social
media time and promotions, website upkeep and development.  This is a very basic cost and if extra
funds are raised, more will be put towards this to promote the challenge and charity fundraising.

Film – this will be used for inspiring people during talks, e.g in schools.  It will require equipment and
editing costs. It will hopefully also be a film in itself.

What if I get more/less than the proposed budget?

There are things in the budget, such as project management, which are not detrimental to me getting across but more so in the success of the marketing and fundraising, so if I am under £100K, this doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t go, but it will mean less charity fundraising and less women inspired.
If I raise more, certain things can be done better such as a fundraising event, paying for PR, marketing
and giving more talks.  If, and when, the situation occurs, we will look at what extras the money should/could go on.  After the project is finished, I hope to take 100TogetHER further and so will be
using the money to develop that (exact idea not yet in place but I have 45 days at sea to come up with it!).

Money donated by the women, will be going back to something based around challenge, community and collaboration focused around empowering women through adventure and skill development.

If you have any questions on any of this please contact me – in the name of transparency, I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.  And thank you in advance if you chose to donate to the project or the charity

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