Transatlantic Blog: Days 1 to 5

Day 1
– 3.5 miles out and I remember I’ve left my meds in the apartment so had to row back to Puerto Morgan, and phew they had them! Was weird coming back from a send off but I always wanted and quite liked the solo departure! Was pretty cool leaving and seeing Gran Canaria disappearing the distance, also a weird sleeping at sea. Loving the waves. Total distance travelled: 29nm


Day 2
– On the oars at 4.30am and now simply row and sleep. No appetite at the moment and everything I eat is super overload. Think it’s seasickness patch I have on. Through the day, waves gathered and the expected storm. By the time it was evening, the waves were pretty hectic. I hatched down for longer than normal nap so no massive distance today. Realising that autopilots are a bit of a pain as they turn themselves off whenever they feel like it which means my course changes without notifying me. Annoying if trying to get a relaxed sleep but not the end of the day.

Total distance travelled: 68nm

Day 3
– Get up @ 4.30am. The wind noises are mad. I keep hearing people talking (clearly not though), puked overboard as soon as I ate my cereal. Weird. Waves are ginormous but just swell are nothing more than something to look at in awe. Learning about the boats capabilities – she is sweet!

Total distance travelled: 134 nm

Day 4
– Didn’t row during the night (of day 3) as it was insane and couldn’t see diddly squat! Fortunately, wind direction meant I was still travelling forward. Close call on the capsize (had crafted a rather strange helmet just in case)! Today’s waves made me realise how massive the ones before were. Rowing at night was manically. Phosphorescence, big moon and the darkness really heightens everything. Called it a day after I realised my rowing wasn’t making a sign of difference to speed so actually got a slightly longer night sleep. All I think about is bed!!

Total distance travelled: 153nm

Day 5
– (yesterday) – Body still feeling good. Not blasting it as still have ages to go plus I want to enjoy my time, no rush – it’s about the journey. Have discovered that baby wipes soaked in surgical spirit help massively with my spotty chaffed bottom!

Total distance travelled as of 10.30am: 215nm (a few miles off the 45 day target) – doing the maths continuously to make sure I’m on track!

Generally been struggling with food but have now managed two large packets of freeze dried food in 80hrs. Totally loving it but needing sleep all the time! Zzzzzzz.

On the go, on the Atlantic row, sorry for any typo!

Kiko is aiming to raise £100,000 for King’s College Hospital for a new critical care unit.  An incredible £56,000 has been raised so far, be part of this amazing adventurous feat and donate below.


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34 Comments on “Transatlantic Blog: Days 1 to 5”

  1. Checking your tracker at every opportunity, looks like you’re flying along nicely Kiko and getting into a bit of a groove. Hope you manage to get some more food down as you’re going to need it.

  2. Epic effort so far. Keep slogging away. The children at school want an update each lesson ( they are seriously inspired). So proud of you. Xx

  3. You are doing just great – totally in awe of your courage and tenacity – GO KIKO – what an amazing experience❤️

  4. Kiko hello
    Was out in London with Sue (your cuz) on Saturday night and we were talking about your send off and you forgetting your meds. Thanks god you hadn’t gone too far before you realised. Glad it’s all going well so far and you are finally keeping food down. Thinking of you as we freeze in England. Sooooooo cold. xxxxxxxxxxx Nina (Olivia sends her love and thinks you are bonkers …in a great way) x

  5. Great work Kiko love that you are enjoying the journey hope you can get some food down you. Watching your tracker to keep updated

  6. Woohoo!!! Go Kiks!! Can’t believe you’ve been out there for 5/6days already, amazing stuff, we’re tracking you several times daily, keep it up, hope you get some more food down and some good quality sleeps!! Xx

  7. Kiko you are epic. I love the ocean but those waves and swells and added sea sickness. You are a legend!

  8. Fantastic to have your updates. You are already a legend. Loved meeting you at Lady Val’s. Love Susan

  9. Keep it up Kiko! Loving the updates! Hope you manage to keep the food down soon! Thinking of you! Keep rowing!! Lots of love Ems xx

  10. Good luck kiko you are amazing!! Reading your journey with interest .. love Claire and Southwark WEP!

  11. Wow …was not expecting to have such an amazing blog of your journey …. is so super powerful to have this insight with you and your mindbendingly awesome quest…. 100% enjoy the journey chick , there must be an insane beauty to the solitude you are experiencing … sending you all the strength and love needed to get through each day …. You are changing the world KIKo, there is no doubt about that …. I thought wonderwoman had something going on !!! she aint got a patch on you 😉 …. Om shanti xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Truly incredible effort – photographs highlight the solitude and bravery required for this project. God bless, keep healthy and very best of luck. Alan

  13. Really loved reading this blog, thank-you – it gives such a sense of the day to day! Hope all the messages get through…even from us total strangers 🙂

  14. So good to see your updates. Totally amazing! What an experience! You will never look at baby wipes and alcohol in the same way ever again!! Keep up the amazing work!

  15. What an amazing thing it is that you are doing, Kiko – I am in complete awe of you.
    Enjoying reading your blog!

  16. Kilo you are beyond AMAZING!! Loving reading your reports – am telling everyone ! Sending PoWER and love from Hackney

  17. Hey Kiks, great to read your honest updates! You are doing great, your body is adapting i am sure in some days you are all set up and eating better and sleeping patterns will get there. Keep enjoying the journey an doing your maths!
    One song at a time!
    Big hug

  18. Kiko- loving the updates. Your determination is incredible. As I lie here in our teeny campervan in nz, am thinking about you in your boat in the middle of the ocean! Wish I had your guts- there’s no way in hell I could conquer such a feat. In awe! Keep it up, one day at a time. We’re all behind you!

  19. Kiko – keep going. Keep eating. Difficult to find the words about this, you’re amazing.
    Steve ( Adams)

  20. Kiko – you are amazing! Who would have thought that I went to school with someone so brave and utterly crazy. You’re my most famous friend!! Such an awesome adventure x

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