Transatlantic Blog: Days 5 to 8

Day 5 – after I’d sent the first blog… Think I forgot to mention the playful dolphins. Swimming up to me they stopped and showed me their tummies. Stuck my hand in for a tickle but they weren’t having any of it! Mini mini meltdown in the evening as couldn’t get the boat to stay in the right position. Quick call to Angus HQ and all sorted. Also had a mega long sleep and making most of winds to push me forward even though I’m zzzzzzzz. Big fan of sleeping!
Total end of day mileage: 214
Day 6 – couldn’t wake myself up for my 4.30am start but after a brief look at the chart and my speed I realised an extra hour of prep wasn’t going to hurt anyone. One of the benefits of solo rowing is you can do what you like when you like. If you win it’s your gloryg  if you lose you’re the only one to blame. sleep was more important. Thank god for favourable winds.
Once out in the water I absolutely love it. The massive waves, the colours, the two little sea petrels, my cabin comfort and my mega 200 power ballads and 100  classical tunes! I’m feeling a bit guilty in fact.  Also wondering if this is the gentle training for what’s to come! Totally love the massive rolling swells that stand nice me and my little boat and before I know I’m on top looking down into this dark pit. They’re pretty innocuous though . Also enjoying the freedom but ironically being totally controlled by all the elements out here. Spotty sore bottom is having a major makeover thanks to some ‘proshield’ Vaseline type cream my friend who is in a wheelchair gave me. lifesaver. No aches or pains which is great but have to consciously make sure I’m not gripping handles as don’t want ‘claw hand’!
Total distance covered (I think) 318nm (keep this up and I’ll be doing in 43 days)!!

Day 7 – slowly and surely I’m eating away at the miles. Dont think there is anything mega to report. Filled up my 8, 10, 12th litre of water. I’m a bit of a camel it seems ( that means I’ve only drink 12 l in 7 days and I’m feeling fine. Also feeling mega blessed  that I’m here able to experience this. I quite often have to remind myself where I am and what I did to get here. Wondering how long the week-1 high, will last and before the novelty wears off. After I wrote this I ended up naked and nearly capsizing. Lost my sense of humour temporarily but then back on the oars (most comfortable position to be in these conditions) and life was good again!!


Day 8 – grrrrr nasty night. Everything is damp and my cabin goes from being damp and cold to hot and sticky. We had a sideways capsize (not full) which meant everything heavy went off to the side and I lost my Parmesan! Had it outside to keeping cool!! These strong winds are relentless. Amazing for speed but you can’t loose focus for a minute. Every time you go in or out of the cabin you have to check for a big wave and speaking of big waves I’m pretty sure I had two at about 80ft. No idea what 80 ft looks like but they were at least twice the size of the ones I recon are 40 ft (again, no real clue what that looks like either!). Definitely the hardest day, but now the honeymoon period is over, and while these winds keep at me, it’s probably inevitable. I have to keep reminding myself ‘it’s only temporary’ and why I’m doing this, and the people of King’s College Hospital who I hope will benefit. Eating becoming a bit of an issue but no aches or pains so that’s a relief. Perhaps I’m not working hard enough!

Total mileage as of writing (day 9 morning) 535 nm estimated time: 42 days if I’ve done my maths right!!

Kiko is aiming to raise £100,000 for King’s College Hospital for a new critical care unit.  An incredible £56,700 has been raised so far, be part of this amazing adventurous feat and donate below.


Want to be part of the World Record team, to support the project or interested in sponsoring the film?


You can still be part of the incredible 100togetHER, an incredible network of women who have made all of this possible. Get in touch for more info.


28 Comments on “Transatlantic Blog: Days 5 to 8”

  1. Reading your diary and looking at those waves I’m trying to understand how you do this! Every night I get into my cosy bed with a hot water bottle and think of you ….

    Aunty Jane xxxx

  2. Keep going, you’re doing great….remember to keep taking photos, everything is temporary, the bad times will pass no matter how bad they feel, the good times will also go too quickly…you need to have memories of these x

  3. You are so inspiring! I have your blog bookmarked and absolutely love reading what you’re up to out there on the high seas. Bummer on the Parmesan! Keep trekking girl!

  4. well done Kiks you are smashing it. Can;t believe you still have time to write your blog. We are all missing you XXXX

  5. Hey there- we met at the House of Lords- I am sooooooo impressed by what you are doing- keep up the amazing work and your blog…well done that girl

  6. Love the updates Kiko and was worried when the newsletter seemed to disappear from the Inbox for a day or so. Glad you’re ahead of schedule so far. You’ve got this 🙂

  7. Hi you fabulous and admirable woman!! So proud reading these updates!! You are amazing! Sending you love xxx

  8. In total admiration of your resilience and bravery. Sorry to hear about the Parmesan! I really look forward to your up-dates. Hope all continues to go well. Xx

  9. Hey Kiko – go girl, go – incredible reading your posts – you are doing well (understatement!) xxxx

  10. hey kiko…80ft …that’s shit the bed size waves surely!! amazing progress… 7 days done, 42 to go … is my math right in saying your a sixth of the way there…. rocking it 🙂 …. I bet the serenity out there is something else, it must be like being in space in a way? ….. gutted for yer parmesan …wander where thatll end up ! much light to you xxxxx lyndz

  11. Fascinating blog loving the updates makes my marathon training and pancake party look like kindergarten stuff!! Keep it going you are inspiring us all

  12. Following avidly from my solo campervan as it’s half term. Buffeted by winds last night made me think of you and where you are. Enjoy all the good bits and get through the not-so-good. They are only temporary. Be good to yourself! We all think you’re amazing!

  13. Are you kidding me Kiko ….not working hard enough / don’t be daft !!!! you are
    wonder woman of the Ocean & inspiring us
    all 🚣‍♂️👍🌟
    love Glori & Dodger

  14. Love rwDing your updates too Kiks, what an amazing journey and WOW how brave. I’ve got all confidence you’re going to smash it! Xx

  15. My goodness I know I’m not your mother but reading about you riding 80foot waves and partial capsizing makes me terrified and want to have you plucked out of the sea by a rescue helicopter . I bet seeing the wild dolphins was incredible and the views breathtakingly stunning. What an incredible memory you will have to share with everyone on your safe return. Gutted about parmesan but sure dolphins appreciated something a little different to fish! Stay safe x Hannah

  16. AMAZING Kiko – Love reading these updates and following your progress. Trying to imagine what it’s like out there. Are you able to take any video / video diary entries I wonder. Loosing the Parmesan sounds annoying – but the favourable winds and good sleep balance things out on the other hand. Well Done – inspiring us all. Keep going!! Nick

  17. OMG 80ft can’t begin to imagine what that looks or feels like, you are braver than a brave thing and us girls are totally inspired – keep on rowing Dory 🐠go go power ballads x

  18. Keep your harness on always. Take care of your hands blisters etc. connect the waves to surf them. Godspeed

  19. OMG, you are sooo brave (I am scared of swimming pools). We have never meant, but I think you are amazing to do this. Very inspiring, excited to read your updated, it feel like I am rowing with you

  20. Well done Kiko!!
    So impressed with the progress and keeping yourself going! Keep belting out the tunes!! What the tune of the moment that’s keeping you going?


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