Transatlantic Blog: Days 25 to 28

Day 25

I made the halfway point!! Nothing to write home about, no flag and no celebration (well 10mins extra sleep!) . I haven’t missed my ciders and weirdly, coffee neither. It’s such a simple life that I find really blissful. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Life is dictated by the weather and how I feel (sleep!) and that’s it. Today (Sunday) also brought some awesome winds. Fast and in the right direction. A welcome relief from the day before (which I secretly enjoyed having a day at home, so to speak). It’s difficult not to get a little ‘frustrated’ that every mile isn’t direct to Barbados at the moment, due to the need to head south away from the big band of westerlies above and towards easterlies below, but like I said, the wind is the wind, and every mile is now a count down to home. It’s a weird head mindset change as every mile is always closer but it seems different. I am actually blissfully happy. It’s boring and monotonous and am gagging for fresh food but there’s no complaints. I’m at one with it all, even the niggles, and crap music I have and the ropes and headphones that get tangled and the fact I have had my period (totally unprepared) every day since day 2!!I had a dream I was invited by friends to see them and they were having dinner but when I arrived they told me I couldn’t eat as I would be disqualified. It was dinner set in the woods and a proper feast. How mean! It all looked so tasty.

I found 5 bags of extra sweeties! The appetite has returned!!!

Day 26

Bye bye winds hello north/north westerlies. If you’re tracking me you probably thinking I’m just chillin’ – I’m not I promise! Today was hot, it’s generally getting hotter but with little wind it was time for covering up and dousing myself in water every 30 mins. Massive shoal of fish came to say hi and thought there was a hammerhead shark but turns out just wishful thinking. Shame dad never bought me that fishing kit I asked him to get! Never mind. There is really very little wildlife and wonder how much I miss because I’m in my cabin or looking the wrong way. Lots of this weird surface seaweed and I love my swooping seagulls that do fly-bys, tilting their wings to just miss the top of the water, watching them using the wind to their advantage. Makes me think of Top Gun! My storm petrel is still around although it clearly gets confused when I change course or go on para-anchor. I wonder where it goes after it’s 5 minute check-in, and how far away and how it finds me again. Do they have a built in (Kiko) tracker? Mum thinks it’s my grandma who died last summer, keeping an eye on me! She’s a bit Spritely so find it hard to believe but you never know. Haha! Had a very interesting white bird, bit like a parakeet , with a long skinny tail that did some weird noises and hovering. Maybe the pirate lost him?I’m not going mad, no hallucinations, no thoughts of jumping over board or mad plans and inventions for my return. My hectic brain has chilled. My brother wanted to know if I’ve found myself!! Made me laugh and have yet to tell him that happened long before I set out on this, maybe that’s why it’s not sooo sooo tough. Saying that I will NOT be doing it again!! For someone who loves the company of others and talking, I’m surprisingly content with my waves, little cabin and sore bottom (although I actually have mastered the good upkeep of this now. Talc, surgical spirit, fresh air and some baseline type shield a friend gave me. Loo roll now down to 1 so I think I can safely say that unless something mega happens, that will be finished before I will. Fear not though, I have solutions .

Day 27

And finally, today Tuesday, I am lying resting before my next shift. When I say No wind, I mean mirror calm. It’s blissful and boiling! (Although now changed once back to send)

I think the horizon is 17miles (please correct if wrong) and there is nothing anywhere (you can check marine traffic if you want boat name soma of Essex). It got me thinking of course, how close the nearest person is to me or should I say how far the furthest has been to the nearest person (that’s a mouthful). I was told that the satellites in space were closer which is a very cool thought. Something (are people on satellites?) in space is closer to me than someone on earth. What is the most isolated anyone is, at this point, on the whole of the earth? I am up there in the top 10? What’s the furthest you have been from a single person. Just a thought.

Right, back to the day job. I think these winds, or lack of, are here for a while so my mega fast crossing not looking so mega fast but still hoping (and on) for that record and massive thanks to Angus, my weather man for pointing me in the right direction and getting me to this point so far.

Thanks for all the supports messages, I love getting them so keep ‘em coming xxxx

Day 28
The slog south continues. Hot slow (into sw winds today) but all made better by seeing this.
A flash of irresescent blue and my eyes were on it. Sleeking around me. Defo no cool down dip today! I value my arms and legs needed to get me back home safely.In other news I’m told I have now raised £60k for King’s. That’s pretty impressive and very generous of everyone. One very good reason to keep on slogging.
Thanks all

Kiko is aiming to raise £100,000 for King’s College Hospital for a new critical care unit.  An incredible £60,000 has been raised so far, be part of this amazing adventurous feat and donate below.


Want to be part of the World Record team, to support the project or interested in sponsoring the film?


You can still be part of the incredible 100togetHER, an incredible network of women who have made all of this possible. Get in touch for more info.

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  1. Halfway Kiko – and hot ( snow blizzards in Chiswick and on your stretch of the Thames today) but it’s all downhill for you from now-wonder if you won’t want to leave the boat when you get to land? Ellen McArthur didn’t!

    Think you are going to do it!!! Janex

  2. Well done Kiko …slowly slowly catchy monkey as they say , getting there , bloody cold here in Cornwall with very rough sea’s and snow , I’m still Ergo rowing heading North still up to Liverpool , Blackpool , I’ve been listening to Ben Fogle and James Cracknell re their row across the Atlantic and their struggles , suppose being on your own you can’t argue with anyone , watch out for big ships !! X

  3. It’s so good to know you are doing well and to get some insight into your brain meanderings, I think they are of a much higher quality than mine would be. It snowed here today on the Isles of Scilly. The beaches are covered in snow – it’s so weird. I love that you have a little feathered guardian looking out for you. Take care, pull hard Abi xxx

  4. Kiko, Congrats for reaching halfway! Awesome 😎 sounds like you have a good rhythm with food, boat, winds and rowing. I am wondering if you have come across any turtles swimming alongside you? As you are nearing Barbados, these can become more commonplace. I enjoy reading your updates. You are doing a GREAT JOB, keep up the positive vibes and remember we are all cheering you on 🚣‍♀️ By the way temperature in Switzerland today -8C near Lausanne on Lake Leman. Row Row Row

  5. You are an inspiration! Amazing what you are doing – and you are nearly there. You are doing an amazing job!

  6. Well done on passing the halfway mark, Kiko! Enjoy the heat – London is frozen and 10cm of snow so of course nothing works. Perhaps when you get back you can make millions advising the government on how to keep things moving regardless of the weather…

  7. Dear Kiko, I’m your half cousin once removed (I think !). I am loving reading your blogs. I love that it is getting warmer and that you are over the half way mark. We have snow in Tooting and most of the UK is unusually cold. You write beautifully and I can picture you and your boat and everything. I hope that we will be able to meet up. I did meet you at our Family Reunion. Your mum and I were on the organising committee. I think the news of your incredible adventure has gone to the 500 or so relations dotted around the world. Who can believe we have so many ?! So lots of people you don’t even know are speeding you along and thinking of you lots. With love and huge admiration for you. Marion Lowe xx

  8. Fantastic going, I love the ocean and love that blissful feeling when it’s as flat as, love the satellite analogies!!!

  9. Yes half way!!! Just read your blog to Mummy she laughed a lot especially the bit about your dream!! Loo roll saga!! she loved the bit about the bird and your granny so special!No seriously we are all super duper proud of you!! Keep going Kiko! Think of us in the snow!!! Xxx

  10. Hello Kiko
    You’re on the rum punch side of the voyage now. Keep doing what you’re doing and be glad you are not freezing your sore butt off here. VERY cold! I went for a run in the snow toda,y which was very peaceful and gorgeous and I did think about your epic journey and just how hard you have to dig deep sometimes to keep focused on your goal. You are amazing and doing so well. Nearly there now. xx

  11. Aloha Kiko, on your next trip add waterproof speakers. I loved to rock out less earbuds. Lol. Can you get music through radio?
    How about SFO to Maui? Lol I know that’s the last thing you’re thinking of doing. 🤷🏽‍♂️
    Wish you could brew a cup of java out there, no stove?
    I’m leaving for golf now, monday saw a lot of humpbacks from the course don’t bump into one.
    Aloha, merlin

  12. Well if it’s hot where you are Kiko, I wouldn’t mind joining you. Walking down St Martin’s Lane on my way to Lady Val’s today, I thought for one moment that I’d taken a wrong turn. Where were all the people? Pavements were covered with slushy snow, wind was biting, huge snowflakes swirled around me. And the usual throng of tourists and Londoners was nowhere in sight. Now, that’s seriously bad weather for you.

    Keep going and be blissfully happy that you’re blissfully happy.


  13. Kiko you are A MA ZIIING!! Love reading your blog and seeing how you’re progressing. You truly are an inspiration. Keep up the pace you’re doing so tremendously you crazy thing! Catch you on the other side 😊 xx

  14. Hey Kiks I am so confused by your last blog on day 28, what was the iridescent blue? A shark circling your boat? Have you seen any sharks!m? Interesting you say that you haven’t seen much wildlife, thought you would see lots of dolphins bow riding and whales… want to hear what’s the coolest thing you have seen! Also totally confused by the map as it looks like you were well over half way and nearly there. Maybe I am delirious with sleep deprivation but I looks like I have nailed the 35 day finish line guess! Loving the blogs and photos and stories of your period, sore bum and toilet paper particularly 🙄keep going spotty bum, nearly there. Well Jel of the sun you are getting, it’s freezing and snowy here! Big love from Team Munro

  15. What a great blogger you are Kiko. Loo Roll stories No1. I started a new job as a Schwartz delivery driver to supermarkets. At a Tesco’s in Tottenham I was in the warehouse and was asked if I wanted any loo roll from the warehouse. Some stock had been discontinued and was reduced. Sure I said, how many rolls can I have and how much? He pointed to 10 FULL supermarket cages and said packs of 9 £1 each, take as many as you like!!! Less than 10p a roll and excellent quality!! Took 10 packs and so 90 in total!!!! Not what you want to hear as I have 89 more than you and you need for more and my access to plenty can’t be overstated can it? Loving your blogs and just so proud of you.

  16. Go kiko!! Very inspiring reading your blogs, and puts the inch of snow and odd gust of wind we have here in perspective! Say hi to our grandma for me, I bet you could do with some of her legendary flapjack cake for energy! xx

  17. Hi kiko
    Now got my Australian family, as more tracker groupies! Continue to be impressed by your stamina, determination, and humour. Your blog says it all, love it . As tough as it has been at times, this is a very special thing you are doing, encountering moments we aren’t even aware of ! So may the winds assist you over the next while. ohh so very impressed! ziggy xxxx

  18. The white bird with a long tail is the White-tailed Tropic Bird. found all over the earth in the tropics. In the Atlantic it breeds on small islands in the Carribean. The seagulls that you see using the air currents close to the water are probably one of various different Shearwaters, birds which cover enormous mileages to breed or feed. they are unlikely to be true gulls which tend to live nearer the coast. checked the winds and they look like they are gradually getting more favourable the further south you go. Good on Angus. Love Dad

  19. Go Kiks – you’ve got this. Your updates are SO amazing and light us all up. You have majorly got a load of us through a cold and slightly miserable week in London town. We miss you and are SOOOOO proud of you. Can’t wait to sink about 13 pints in the pub when you’re back and hear all about it. You’ve GOT THIS GIRL! xoxoxox

  20. Yes I was just going to identify the long tailed tropic bird but your dad beat me to it! We get them in Bermuda where I’m from. They are beautiful to watch – hope you see some more! Your cousin Sue told me about your trip – she’s so proud. Love reading your quirky blogs. I think the people in the International Space Station probably are your nearest neighbours a lot of the time – I remember another long distance adventurer saying the same thing. What a weird thought. Wishing you luck with the rest of your voyage – you’re doing brilliantly & I will definitely be donating to the cause.

  21. You are doing brilliantly well Kiko and are a true inspiration. Keep on rowing and eat up those miles! Sammy and Rossie xx

  22. Hammersmith may be a long way in miles but I hope you can hear my cheers. So fun to have followed your journey after hearing you speak at St Paul’s last year. You are a wonder – keep up the good work!!

  23. Tricky winds no fresh veges ( which you love !) running out of loo paper little wildlife no one for a chatty person to talk to. A hundred and one other niggles that you don’t tell us about and you’re blissfully happy . What an inspiration to us all .
    Why don’t we all have a wonderful and winge free day ?!! There’s a shut down in Britain ….. you are on the move xxx mum

  24. Hi Kiko

    Your dear Mum has said it all / there’s so much “crap” going on in our wonderful world of ours …. MAKE things happen &
    be JOYFUL / Is Petrel Head still visiting ?
    Song for a starry night Kiko / 🚣‍♂️
    Twinkle Twinkle little Star ✨✨✨
    Xx Glori

  25. Kilo, we met some good years ago at the campsite in Bujagali… your adventure is simply thrilling and so incredibly inspiring! Though I see you’ve still got that slightly bonkers air about you!!! (for even attempting this record!) Just wanted to say I look forward to your blogs – it’s actually the first time I’ve ever followed a series, you have really capture my attention! You’re a star, so courageous… well bloody done you! Barbados ain’t too far now! Keep going!

  26. You’re doing so well,
    I can’t imagen your sunny wheather (it’s just been snowing!)☀️-🌨 (and I had a snow day on Friday)
    You’ve already rowed over half your jorney; Well done

    What’s the best name for an incredible rower:


  27. Aunty Kiks, it’s Otto. I got a rosette for passing my dance exam at school. I’ve also got my first wobbly tooth!

    Knock knock

    Who’s there

    Mr cow

    Mr cow who

    Mr cow mooo

    Ha ha ha!!!!

    Don’t clean your boat if there’s a shark in the water.

    I’m sending you one of my special Otto hugs.

    Lots of love

    Otto xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  28. Dear Keiko fantastic to see your lovely face and all that beautiful sea. We are in awe of your amazing strength determination resilience gung ho craziness! I might have already sent this message can’t believe that. this will get to you AMAZING communications – mid frozen Herefordshire to mid Atlantic! Wishing you God speed with love Karen and Robert XX

  29. Dear Kiko
    We admire your confidence and bravery to sail to Barbados across the Atlantic. We are Pine Class and you came in to do an assembly for us on your challenge. We have looked at some of your blogs and it looks physically and mentally challenging.
    Good luck.
    Yours sincerely
    Southwold School

  30. Kiko

    We are following your progress with great excitement and you are doing so, so well. We are in awe at what you are doing. It comes as no surprise that the mental seems harder than the physical but you clearly have the mindset to overcome and conquer the fear of being totally alone and are reveling in the peacefulness and tranquility of being one with nature and the elements.. You absolutely can do this Kiko! Keep cracking on!! Best of luck, David & Sophie Aplin xxx

    From memory you can only see about 3nm to the horizon at around 1 metre above sea level but of course the taller the ship or object you are looking at, the further away you will be able to spot it!

  31. OMG, my iron level has been low, so haven’t had the to time to catching up on you (I’ve been sleeping too much), you are seriously on day 30? I remember how you felt on day 10/11, and looking where you are now. I am so proud of you, in fact I am so proud of myself, I feel like I am also on day 30 by enjoying your movements. Keep it up, whilst i keep singing row row row your boat.

  32. You’re doing so amazingly well I love reading your updates, certainly puts my day at work in perspective…
    Keep going we’re all so inspired by you, much love xxx

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