Transatlantic Blog: Days 29 to 30

Day 29

It’s 7am uk time (still no idea what this is mid Atlantic time but it’s still dark). I’m in awe of the setting moon in the west and the slight lightening sky in the east and then I hear something. I see something and out of the glass rolling swell, a pod of dolphins swims with me on their way to wherever. Who gets the opportunity to have dolphins swimming and surfacing in the reflection of a full setting moon? What a way to start week 5.

Now, week 5 and I was hoping to be pretty close to the end. The past two weeks have gone on forever and I think I have moved about 300nm In that time. I’m not measuring my daily distance anymore so I idea. It’s not good for morale! I just have to remember that every stroke is closer and that I will get there. All I remember is thinking that 6 weeks was definitely achievable. Now I’ll be lucky if I do it in 7!! It’s hot (37deg 2 knots wind if I’m lucky) the wind that there is is still coming from the west and making what power I do have, pretty useless. Even worse that I’m heading south away from this mega system above me (I thank my lucky stars I’m not up there though.) speaking of wind, I think my body produces more than Mother Nature, at the moment. Brings a smile to face if nothing Else!!

My thoughts are still pretty basic and obscure (no change there then! ). Today, being as calm as it is, you can see tracks On the surface of the water, I presume from passing ships. Now, considering I’ve seen one ship in five weeks and the closest last Saturday was 260km away, I wonder when these tracks are from. How long do they last there in the sea and what causes the water to be more glassy where they have passed. I actually rowed down one for a while and considering the scale of this place, that was pretty cool. Simple things, hey!

I am eating my main meals fine and probs about half my snack pack now. Some things I just can’t eat but think all is good. My body has assorted now, I’m sure.I watch some films and series at night and seem to be fixated by the food they are always eating!! Take aways, eating out… I should just be thankful that I have nutritious food but I can’t help but dream…1st world issues, I know, sorry.

Boat and body maintenance in the middle of the day and pretty excited to have removed a large bag of rubbish from the cabin and can now start a fresh. My food seems to go everywhere so lots of finding chilli and pasta in little nooks and crannies. The memory of the shark is still too close so the bottom of the boat will have to wait. My balls aren’t big enough although probs a bit irrational.

Sunset was as amazing as sunrise except moon and sun in opposite places. Good day but this slow rowing is definitely effecting the body  so I give myself the luxury of a stretch and dig my thumbs hard into my back muscles. All good though.


Day 30
Too hot to do much. It takes it out of you. I’m sure my bottle of water has doubled in weight.its barely worth the effort so 3pm uk time I’m sitting in my cabin sweating, and naked, writing this. I tried to row but thought I’d save my energy for the Easterlies on their way tonight!! Or at least wait until the sun isn’t directly on top of me with no wind. Whatever fashion thing I do, it works for about 10 mins and then it’s effect wears off. From silk scarfs to wet tshirt. I have given the bottom of the boat a clean along with a little fish I found sheltering from the sun.My sat phone is playing up. You’d think in this day and age of technology Iridium would have developed something a little more reliable. I start to wonder what would happen if I suddenly can’t contact Angus (weather and all over wonderman). I know it would be fine but should really talk about contingencies. Didn’t have enough money for a back up so I guess I will deal with whatever. Sure it will be fine. I mean I know where I’m going so… (this is not something for people to worry about btw, if it happens it happens and worrying will make n0 difference!)I’m afraid this is all a bit boring but thank your lucky stars it’s only been 5mins of your life and you’re not actually living it!! I’m fine but definitely keen to get moving west.I hear you have snow and the uk has come to a standstill too. Trying to think where I’d rather be. It’s difficult to know. Think I’m happy enough here.

Thinking about my arrival time (how long it takes) and I hope it’s enough to get the record but not so great that there isn’t someone or some other women out there who are inspired to give it a go. Am sure that there are plenty of girls and women out there who could easily do what I will have done and really hope there is a woman number 7.8.9. 10 and more, giving it a go in the near future. That would be awesome.Anyway, I’m going to sleep so I can row tonight in the cool ofnthe full moon.
Thanks as always for messages. I do get them and appreciate them just can’t reply to any out here but massive thanks for support


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32 Comments on “Transatlantic Blog: Days 29 to 30”

  1. Chuckling at your blog comment about wind tonight Kiko, reminded me to write to Dyson for sponsorship!! Looks like more favourable wind coming your way, Godspeed #gogorowrowKiko

  2. Hey Kiko
    Keep plugging away – you are doing an amazing job and are inspiring all of us who read your blog. I really look forward to each instalment, so keep ’em coming and I hope that the favourable winds do their work and help to bring you in on target!
    Emma x

  3. Hey Kiks… far as I can see from the map despite a slight southerly direction due to the weather patterns it looks like you are nailing the distance…..way less distance to go than you have already covered……its awesome to see! Very jealous about you seeing all those dolphins…….run punch is not that far off now for you in the grand scheme of things! Love from us all – we’re all talking about your amazing journey all the time! XXXX

  4. Still loving the updates Kiko… so amazing to think of you out there while we go about our daily lives here. What an experience it must be! Wishing you continued strength and determination xxx

  5. Keep at it girl! You are inspirational.
    My life has been one long series of “what if?”, “if only I’d?…” Etc.
    I love your “get up and do it” attitude. Thanks Paul.

  6. Hey Kiko!
    LOVE getting your blog & updates – the boys are all fascinated by your news and journey so far.
    Have been reading them out to them all in the bath the days they come in..always makes bathtime a bit more fun!
    Keep going, so close now and think of all that yummy food in Barbados waiting for you..
    Loads of Love Henny, Rupert and the boys x x

  7. Well done Kiko – we’re all super proud of you and what you are achieving! much love Rupert XX

  8. Hey Kiko. I just love reading you’re blogs. Not only are you a courageous rower up for mega challenges you’re a great writer too. I know it’s really hot where you are but I do envy you for that. It’s so cold here and winter seems to have been extra long this year. Make sure you make the most of Barbados when you arrive having broken the record. It’s a really cool place. I love it. I’ve put your Page 1 Woman post out in the public domain again to publicise your challenge. I hope you get more donations as a result.
    Keep going. I know you’ll smash that record.

  9. Well done Kiks, as you say, so nearly there now and how incredible! Wishing you a mighty final push and a safe arrival xx

  10. Hi K, reading your blog on a train journey from Edinburgh to London. Out of the window the snow covered fields merge with the misty skies so the land and sky merge into nothingness. Ive often wondered about the 360 horizon on a trip such as yours and how it must feel to be you amongst the vastness. Im a ‘future ocean rower’ and reading your blog is an inspirational message ..especially when you describe your vulnerabilities and ‘normalness’ .
    Thanks for sharing.
    M x

  11. Love reading your blog. It’s hard to imagine what it is like for you, even though you describe it really well. Life here seems so ordinary. I’m not sure how you’ll cope with ordinary once the excitement of yummy food has worn off. I expect you’ll have to find a new challenge! Hope the winds are with you again soon. Xx

  12. Wow Kiko very well done….you are so close to Barbados! Snow has gone from here in London but still is about elsewhere! Keep it up xxx

  13. Hi Kiko. I’ve just started following you and I love your updates already! Funny, fascinating, inspiring. I know you’ve heard this loads of times but I’m afraid it’s coming again – your courage and determination are awesome. Makes me want to be a woman! (No, not actually, but you get my drift?). Richard

  14. Oooh Kiko how amazing to have a setting moon and all those dolphins! Gorgeous!!
    Soooo much snow and now plenty of flooding in The Ford. Beautiful skies here too.
    Off to Dewsall for supper now! Sending you hugs again – go go go!!! So bowled over by you xxxx

  15. Hi Kiko

    Whatever next … your very own
    jet propulsion across the ocean to
    Barbados / that’s what a healthy diet does for you 👍 Made me giggle too / What a great feeling you must have now to have come so far & the end is not so far away :
    Hang in there Kiks & stay away from hungry sharks 🦈 lots of love Glori xx

  16. Hi Kiks we all LOVE receiving your blogs they make us smile. I still find it hard to believe that you have rowing and rowing and rowing. We can’t wait to hear your story. This week I am on a mindful life retreat in Devon. Today we did mindful walking. It was suggested that we may like to hold hands with someone in the group!!! I didn’t think I was quite ready for that ( surprisingly more men than girls.. the world is changing). I took you on my walk, through the woods at Dartington. I think you may surprise yourself with your arrival in Barbados. Can’t wait to meet you there xxx big love mum.

  17. Aloha from Maui,
    Why those tracks are glassy are probably from oil if they’re re from ships or pods of dolphins. Rowing at night sounds like a plan. Noon sounds like murder. Lol.
    You sure have come a long way, amazing girl.
    Fishing would have been fun in your down time??
    Ocean here has been smokin the last week 30 to 40 knots some days ENE With 8 to 10feet swells.
    Guess you don’t have shark banz the magnetic repellent you wesr on your wrist or snkkes? Would be good when in the water.
    I need to look up the time difference so I have an idea when I’m talking to you.
    Sweet dreams and don’t spit into the wind.
    Aloha, merlin

  18. Good luck – listen to your body – only you know how much and what to do each day. 20 years since the Port St Charles Barbados TransAtlantic Rowing Race, and it is still the best overall experience of my life (and I didn’t make the finish due to equipment issues that don’t exist today)

  19. Well done, Kiko! You are making us so proud to know you.

    The children in my class keep asking for regular updates with regard to your progress.
    They are willing you! I’ve quite enjoyed the piece and quiet with you being away 😉 x

    Keep slogging away, the results are paying dividends.

    You’ve got this!

    Much Love, Berts

  20. Well done Kiko! You’re amazing! We are rooting for you and enjoying following your progress! All our love and a great big hug from across that great big pond, Family Kerr

  21. You’re brave, fearless and you will make it. The challenge you set yourself is huge and you are taking it in your stride. It is a massive task and accomplishment what you have achieved so far and simply amazing.

    Take time to celebrate all you have done so far and realise just how extraordinary you are taking this on.

    That record is still yours for the taking!!!


  22. Kiko, you are so close, Go girl! Love reading about your thoughts, questions about nature and life and bodily processes! I would certainly not sound half as sane after spending so long alone in a wide, empty ocean, however beautiful. Had a nice, but brief catch up with your Dad in the snow the other day outside the Crown, and we marveled at your speed and tenacity. Keep going, keep enjoying, such an incredible journey that you can savour for a lifetime. Until the next adventure?!!!! So keep those oars moving and looking forward to the next update xxxx

  23. Dear Kiko
    You are so brave.
    You make the worries and anxieties the rest of us have seem so much less important…
    I hope you feel, and maybe know at times, that even in those long lonely tough stretches someone is watching and caring.
    We are never truly alone… though we don’t see it! Sarah

  24. On International Women’s Day you sure are an inspiration 🙂 From the Tracking page it look’s like the wind is at last, blowing you the right way, which is fantastic news. Keep following those shipping lanes or whatever makes the rowing smoother for you xx

  25. Eh up Kiko,
    I have been reading your blog of your efforts and i confess feeling like a voyeur.. . I wake up and you’re out there..
    I go to bed and you’re out there, I wake up and…..
    Your current whole existance is so alien to 99.99%of us.
    It’s difficult to fully appreciate the enormity of what you’re doing.
    You’re more life of Pi.. We’re more steak pie…
    … But you’re doing a great job of describing it….Am so hoping those Easterlies have arrived for you. Sending you the Best of Best Wishes .You’re doing a great job. X

  26. Looking great Kiko (other than the hands!) and sounding so focussed. We met about the new CCU this week and all talked about you and how you’re getting on. Huge amounts of gratitude and awe at what you’re achieving. We’ve some great images for the new outdoor critical care facility and incredible artwork – look forward to sharing with you when you’re on dry land! Take good care, Claire – KCHC

  27. Looking great Kiko (other than the hands!) and sounding so focussed. We had a meeting about the new CCU this week and all talked about you and how you’re getting on. Huge amounts of gratitude and awe at what you’re achieving. We’ve some great images for the new outdoor critical care facility and incredible artwork – look forward to sharing with you when you’re on dry land! Take good care, Claire – KCHC

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