Transatlantic Blog: Days 41 to 44


Day 41

Tuesday  – no idea once again what happened today. It’s too far away to remember. Amongst a sea of nothingness, quite literally. I have stopped listening to music, podcasts and watching stuff on my iPad as I seem capable of getting through shifts without. I’m still amazed by the fact I continue to get up out of my cabin and row for 2 hrs, again and again and again. I don’t really have a choice, I know but it is odd. Oh and the storm petrel is back. Not sure when it’ll make its turn off south but he/she hasn’t got long! We’re estimating a Wednesday 21st evening arrival if I can keep up my average of 3knts. Exciting!!!


Day 42

Wednesday there I am, standing at the car door about to go inside after almost getting my sat phone off my outdoor contraption (the indoor aerial has stopped working so i have to go outside and wait around for messages and emails, and it’s no 4G, I assure you! Anyway, standing, fortunately holding on and out of nowhere, the most massive rogue wave comes from the side and the next thing I know is I’m hanging out of the boat holding on for (not quite) dear life! The boat is amazingly designed.  And struggles to flip right over so I’m very lucky. A little wobbly and very thankful that a) the satphone has survived (it’s my only form of comms with UK!) b) it wasn’t 30 seconds later when I was opening the cabin door c) it wasn’t 3 minutes earlier when I was sitting on my bucket mid poo! That could have been one for the story books! It taught me that just because you’re nearly there and you are well accustomed to what this has to offer, you can never have a day off from safety and that the ocean is defo the boss.


Day 43
Spilt my bloody museli everywhere. It’s the Bain of my life. I added linseed and chia which constantly get engrained into my already sore bottom, because they somehow make their way into my small Sheepskin I sit on. Simple pleasures like a bowl and table wouldn’t go amiss!
Thursday winds are decreasing m. Boo. Bit disheartening.when you’re nearly there and another curveball is chucked your way. I was beginning to smell the food, feel the fresh sheets (everything I have is sticky damp and salty!), taste the mojito and hear the sound of humans. It puts my arrival back by probs a day depending on how hard I push myself. On one side of the coin I have now fully adapted to life of rowing and ocean but on the other, I am feeling the strain on my body… my point being I’m not sure how much I can push at this stage


Day 44
Friday – last Friday of the challenge I hope. It’s very touch and go wit these decreased winds but fingers crossed. I’m trying hard! 14-15 hrs rowing and about 4-5 hrs broken sleep. My body is definitely in shut down mode. Struggling to get out the cabin and everything feels heavy. Lost my appetite because it is so hot (34 degrees in the shade apparently) Unfortunately these gentle winds are a bit of a set back but there’s nothing I can do, out of y control, and every row stroke is one step closer, so on I plod.

For some reason, I always look over my left arm and today this huge (40/50ft) white whale (really??) came right up to the surface. It was not a hallucination I promise! I always say hello to my animals in the hope they soak a little human but this beast had done all he wanted and dived back down. Any ideas on what species this would be and if I was mistaken?

Sorry blogs are coming a bit few and far between. It’s either writing or sleeping and often sleeping takes precedence (it should now but I have to do it especially since it’s now Saturday!

Love and thanks as always. Really enjoy all the messages so keep em coming

Kiko is aiming to raise £100,000 for King’s College Hospital for a new critical care unit.  An incredible £62,200 has been raised so far, be part of this amazing adventurous feat and donate below.


Want to be part of the World Record team, to support the project or interested in sponsoring the film?


You can still be part of the incredible 100togetHER, an incredible network of women who have made all of this possible. Get in touch for more info.

48 Comments on “Transatlantic Blog: Days 41 to 44”

  1. Hi Kiko

    Feel so excited for you that the end of your mammoth adventure is in sight ..Where does your gutsy determination come from ? Keep reminding yourself what you have achieved & although the view may be a bit boring & dull Barbados is just sniffing
    distance away 👍
    Big hugs from Glori & Roger Xxx

  2. Hi Kiko
    In between the sameness of your days, blending the rhythm of the rowing and the bits in between, we read of a huge rogue wave and then a huge white whale

    Nothing out of the ordinary there then! ? ! in those two events…. Most people would dine out on either one of those stories for years…and yours are back to back.!!

    So pleased to hear the storm petrel is back, a friendly guardian and we all need a companion… Where ever we are…do hope he/she is a good listener to your silent conversations..
    So be assured, in spite of the wind set backs… what you are achieving is so extraordinary.

    And it will be the rhythm of the rowing that will bring you into shore, in Barbados, in the time that is, in the sameness of your days, and hours and minutes, each decreasing with each stroke
    Remarkable, and wonderful a journey that has touched many
    Thank you Kiko

  3. Kiko you are just bloody amazing! Its the Spring Equinox today and I hope you have some Spring in your row today and for the last few days. If you get this in time, can you do a piece to camera whilst still out there answering the question; ‘What really matters and why?’
    Be interesting to see and hear your thoughts and perspectives on life after the amount of time solo and remote.
    You are doing an awesome thing.

  4. Come on Kiko you can do this – not long now, I know you are having to dig deep, right into your reserves, but you are so close….keep going honey!!!

  5. A white whale that is seriously rare so a treat to see if you did and in fact it wasn’t a hallucination – Beluga whales are white but live in the arctic and since you are in the tropical seas that can’t be right so I’ll do some more research and get back to you by which time you will be sipping on cocktails and be in Barbados!!! Wow wow wow………..2 days to go I see amazing amazing effort….following you all the way to the end! EXCITED for you! Lots of love Fran xxx

  6. Kiko, you are sooooo close!

    Keep pushing through with your fantastic spirit and sense of humour. Can’t wait to see a picture of you at the finish, with a well-deserved drink in hand xx

  7. Ever impressed by your strength & determination. Almost there, keep it up!! You’re an inspiration to all.

  8. Your greeting party are on their way! Mummy, Freddie, Mabel and me are very jealous that we can’t join Daddy, Louis, Ping and Pongo. I hear you might hang out in Barbados for a few days – I was hoping you were coming back and going to stay in our bedroom again this weekend!

    Perhaps next weekend! Freddie is practicing the mojitos!

    Loads of Love to Amazing Aunty Kiks!

    Otto xxx

  9. So pleased that the creatures of the sea are keeping you company. Such an amazing strength you are showing, battling the mental and physical challenges, you deserve some entertainment! Just don’t fall out of that boat now! I really wish I could be there to see you arrive in Barbados. I’m sure it will be amazing. Enjoy those clean sheets, yummy food and mojitos when they come! Xx

  10. Hi Kiko, well done you. Only on Sunday I showed your tracking map to my nieces and a nephew (aged 11, 10 and 8) and there was a lot of wow, sweet Jesus, how does she sleep, where does she poo and what does she eat, where is the internet from, and energy for your phone, to name just a few. :-). Basically the kids were super amazed and impressed and curious and I am to tell you they keeping all their fingers crossed for your speedy arrival at your destination. And that I am to let them know how you are getting on and whether your hands have healed. So there. Almost in Barbados! xx

  11. Hi Kiko
    WOW you are nearly there ! 2 days left , so soak up all the sights, sounds and smells of your fantastic journey.
    You are a diamond ……”A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure” Henry Kissinger.
    May I suggest your theme tune for your row today be’ Diamonds ‘by Rihanna
    I hope you have strong winds behind you that help steer you to safety and the end of your outrageous challenge .
    Imagine the Mojito’s all lined up on a Barbados bar waiting for you and crispy sheets to sleep in ! Also the funds you are raising for Kings and the people that will benefit so much from your amazing effort.
    Big hug from Andrea xx

  12. Hi Kiko, you amazing person!! Can’t believe you’re almost there. Have been watching with interest and sharing with the sixth formers at school. You are such an inspiration. Love and best wishes y o urban in our thoughts and prayers Carmen and the rest of the staff at Coloma in sunny Croydon xxxx

  13. Go Kiko, last push now. You’re doing amazing. Lovely to hear about all the animals supporting and looking after you on route. Lots of love and positive vibes for your last few days x

  14. Bravo Kiko, Mez I and Jaffa are following your progress and it’s incredible you are almost there. It’s hard to comprehend a day in your shoes vs a day in ours…lots of hard work got you there that’s for sure. We follow you from France, a nice couch and table and no Chia Seeds in our butts. We will be popping a bottle of Cider to celebrate your arrival…..which will be a nice break from the cask wine. Xxx

  15. You are so, so nearly there! According to the map, Barbados should be that big island on the port bow.

    Send me the bill for that first mojito (and the second and third one). Xx

  16. Well done Kiko! keep it going, the last few pulls on those oars will soon be behind you and it is quite clear you are making history with every stroke! We are all in awe ( pun intended!) of the way you have bravely tackled this enormous challenge. As we said when you set out 44 days or so ago, ‘God speed’ and as Fran said – enjoy those cocktails in sunny Barbados – no one ever deserved them more! Lots of love, Adi & Gilly xxx

  17. Adrian has been on the case of your whale! He thinks it’s likely to be an albino hump back . What does your Dad think? I’m sure he’s also on the case! ALSO….. did that rogue wave come just before you saw the whale? Maybe the whale caused the swell/wave?
    You are very nearly there and are doing so, so well. You must be totally exhausted, particularly with so little wind and it being so hot; but what an achievement! We have so loved reading your truly wonderful accounts of this extraordinary experience. We feel so very honoured and privileged to have shared it with you; you have showed us all to not be afraid to take on a challenge and believe that anything is possible; your drive and determination & belief in yourself has been such an example to everyone. I’m can’t leave my computer for a minute at the moment…. simply counting down the miles!! Bestest of luck for the final push! X

  18. Hey Kiko! I have been avidly watching your crossing, and have loved reading your blogs. Can’t believe you’re nearly there! It only seems like yesterday you first said you were going to do it. You’re such an inspiration. Enjoy the last bit! xxx

  19. Stunning stuff Kiks. Have been avidly reading the blog and supporting you every stroke of the way. Hopefully you’ll be reading this on the beach!
    All best, Tucker

  20. Keep the rhythm and positivity – we are all with you – wow – a whale – how awesome! This will all seem like a dream in a few days – enjoy the peace of the ocean and soak as much up as you can so you can tell us all about it when you write the book! You are an amazing human being!!!!

  21. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the finish line! Hope you’re able to walk… such a fabulous achievement, nearly there now.

  22. I can’t believe you’re nearly there – you are amazing! Love reading your updates – what am i going to do next week?! or even tomorrow!! I can hardly imagine what your first night in a bed is going to feel like – pretty amazing I would have thought!! and what is it going to feel like walking on solid land again? and being able to walk more than 2 steps – i hope someone is going to film it as I want to see your arrival!! you are inspirational and amazing – keep plugging away for this final bit – every stroke takes you that little bit closer! Hetti xx

  23. Go on Kilo! Just think of all the chocolate and loo roll waiting for you! Keep it up! Fernande

  24. Go kiko, go! Final last push you are almost there. We have been following you throughout and my little girl even said today ‘I can’t believe she has rowed across the world’. You are tricky inspirational and we are all behind you! Keep going and your sore bum! A good pint, a lovely bed and best of cuddles from friends & family await you. Take care and see you on the other side! Love jo (Egerton/Philip) and the fam xxx

  25. Final push now Kiko! An amazing effort and an inspiration to all, showing what you can do when you put your mind to it! Enjoy the big moment when you return to dry land. Respect!

  26. Kiks you’re so nearly there , actually here . Dad bean Louis and I are round the corner in port st Charles waiting patiently for you to arrive . You are so so close and there are many excited people . Xx mum

  27. Kiks – feeling rather emotional thinking about you arriving in Barbados shortly. What a challenge you set yourself and you’ve only gone and carried it out with such grace, intelligence and wit. Not sure which messages are getting through so sorry if I’m repeating myself, but can’t believe you are guest speaker at MGC!

    Will be telling Viv all about you being such a strong inspirational woman. As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, a woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. Or the Atlantic in your case! Well done you, so impressed with your achievement, not long to go until that mojito. Will celebrate your arrival with an entire pack of biscuits xxx

  28. Definitely on the home straight (home wave?) now Kiko…keep up the good work!
    So I usually wait until I get into work to check your blog with the King’s team but I can’t wait now – I need to check on the way in and sometimes I wake up at night and have a quick look! You must be able to smell land, and mojitos soon…..I am so proud of you even though I only know you from this website….I met one of our surgeons in the lift today and was telling him about you and he was very impressed and said ‘it’s like the life of Pi’ and I guess for you it must be sometimes!! Your physical journey is incredible and I would love to know something of the journey in your mind over the last 50 days – perhaps we will meet the legend that is ‘Kiko Matthews’ if you return to King’s – perhaps for the new critical care unit that you will have helped to build- Wow what a legacy!! Thank you.
    Rachel xxx

  29. You don’t know me, I don’t know you and yet, your story has held me transfixed and your courage and determination have touched me deeply and put so much in my own life into perspective. Not least the fact that I’ll probably never have to worry about the timing of waves with poo-buckets, for which I am deeply grateful! Beyond the good that the money you’re raising will have, this is the impact that what you’re doing is having. It’s creating waves in people’s lives. That is no small thing. I can’t wait to hear about the mojitos and the clean sheets and all the love that’s waiting to welcome you when you arrive in Barbados because now, as it always was, it is only a matter of time. And a bit more courage and determination! Thank you for all of it.

  30. Strangely enough, I am bit like you, when I am coming to the end of a gym class, swimming targets etc, coming to the end for some reason the brain like slows me down, so don’t worry, you are still a normal Ok, I am going to sound very old school, but maybe sing one of those sing-along songs, to change things up a bit ie. “There are 50 in the bed and little one said roll over (I’m sure you know the rest) oh my gosh if you don’t remember this song, I’ll will feel really old…lol. I hope my comment haven’t put you back to sleep, as I think I have kinda bored

    Anyway not long now when you will be not counting the day, but counting the hours to the minutes, to the amount of mojito, you can knock

  31. Hey Kiko, Congratulations!
    Inspirational is the adjective coming to mind.
    I will be very interested to hear your retrospective thoughts on the whole experience. Having seen Life of Pi multiple times, I am curious about if you found it life changing/affirming?
    Well done!

  32. Kiko, you have been amazing! Whoever would have thought that that little babe that I looked after many years ago when your parents were house hunting would be doing this. Your blogs have been fascinating and you are now almost there. Keep going and good luck. All those goodies waiting there for you!

  33. Kiko so bloody awsome I am almost rowing with you in my head , willing you , smelling tasting the end . Amazing kiko you are so inspirational x

  34. I shall so miss reading your ‘as it is’ blogs and so relieved you are safely there. Just glad I wasn’t your mother these last weeks! Meant to write while you were en route and then suddenly you are there, oh dear I am always late. This is
    Will’s (paddleboard) mum. You were on the TV local (Midlands) news just after the main 10pm BBC1 news tonight.
    You are brave and gutsy and I very much congratulate you on your feat. P.S. I live in Malvern and assume you will eventually come to your old school to give a talk so will be there.

  35. Mazltov Kiko!

    Thrilled and delighted to hear you have arrived! A world record, not many people can say that.
    You are definitely one of kind. Love Ziggy

  36. TRULY INSPIRATIONAL ….. with little
    Petrel Head /Flying Fish/ Whales/Dolphins/
    Jelly Fish & Phosphoresence /a fair wind the stars & the moon & sun on your back & with your wicked sense of humour & gutsy determination to sustain you/ GIRL you are nothing short of a bloody miracle / have loved every minute of your
    adventure 👍👍 Well done Glori 💕

  37. Well done Kiko,
    I have been following intermittently but you are truly amazing, one for the girls that’s for sure.
    sure the Petrel was there for a reason too!
    Enjoy your well deserved Mojito.

  38. So many congratulations Kiko! We woke up thinking of you this morning and are so pleased you are on dry land safe & sound….. as must be your family!what a truly wonderful and inspirational achievement . We are going to miss your blogs and stories of your seafaring friends. I wonder where your little petrel is now….. she has guided you safely. Have a few time in the Barbados sunshine, enjoy the crisp white sheets and a good nights sleep …. and ofcourse the celebratory mojitos!!
    Huge, huge congratulation again!x

  39. Yipeeeeeeeeee, well done girl, you smashed it with a capital “S”. I would be interested to hear how you felt on the last day, seeing the face etc. Yes that’s right any excuses to get you back on this blog, what the hell am I going to read about now, boring eastenders or Corrie. I hope we still hear and see a bit more of you.

  40. Awesome Kiko, well done and so inspirational to all of us . Next stop Everest wearing a rhino outfit and no oxygen ! Enjoy the mojitos, a soft bed and a lovely walk on the beach . Let us know when you are back as I have a little idea on raising some more cash !

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