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Kings College Hospital

Having spent a month at Kings and 24 hours in the intensive care unit, I would like to use this opportunity to give something back for the amazing care I received from everyone there.

No only that, but with a sudden discovery of a recurrence of the tumour and disease, 6 months before departure, King’s continue to look after me with the upmost professionalism and urgency to not only ensure I am cured (again!) but also in time to continue with the mission.

King’s are fundraising for a new state of the art intensive care unit that will be built on the top of the hospital, with a garden that allows for the life support machines to still be connect if outside, floor-to-ceiling windows providing natural light and many facilities that make both the patients and friends and families time in the unit, more enjoyable.

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If want to be part of the 100TOGETHER team, promoting the empowering of women, then please visit the 100TOGETHER page. If you’d like to donate to the building of the ICU at ing’s College Hospital please click below.