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I am a public speaker and advocate for women. I want to motivate and inspire other females of all ages to achieve their own goals. I relate my own experiences and challenges I have faced, my successes, and how I have overcoming adversity and failures; all issues that many women deal with on a daily basis. Book your talk now.

January 11th, 2018

Farewell Fundraiser

Thames Rowing Club, London – click

We had a great time at the beautiful and historic, Thames Rowing Club and managed to raise a massive £25k! 

Thanks to those who attended and supported the cause.  The evening consisted of many great guests (I have met a lot of awesome people over my lifetime!), a talk from myself telling the story of how I ended up being 4 days away from heading to Gran Canaria for the biggest challenge of my life, raffle, auction, drinks, dancing, games and more.

Here are just a few of the events Kiko has spoken at.



“Kiko – well you don’t forget her! Direct, honest, ballsy, relatable, human – I’ve known her for but a few months but feel as though I’ve known her for years. I really do believe that she is going to take on that ocean and win. And I genuinely think she’ll enjoy it! She’s a good person inside out, and using those ever expanding muscles of hers to power herself to success and help a lot of people along the way. Boom!”


“Kiko visited AutiSK girls social group yesterday to share her story about her venture to cross the Atlantic singlehandedly in January. The girls were fascinated by her story and were all talking about it after Kiko left as were their parents we are all looking forward to following her journey on social media and hearing about her success and hopefully seeing her again soon to hear how the journey was. Good luck Kiko the Au-Some team is behind you all the way!”


“In November JG were lucky to have the pleasure of Kiko’s company as she joined us to give a talk about her solo transatlantic crossing attempt.”

“Our clients and candidates from all across London came along to listen to her. It was a fabulous evening and the feedback we had afterwards was incredible. Everyone loved what Kiko had to say and couldn’t say enough how inspiring the talk was. Kiko is about to embark on an exciting and amazing adventure and having listened to her we all agreed that she is ready to take on the challenge. If anyone can do it, Kiko can!”


“Kiko came to Latymer Upper School to talk to Year 11 during our BOUNCE week, a week where we focus a lot of time and thought into promoting positive and resilient Mental Health. Her message about never giving up, bouncing back from adversity and being mentally as well as physically strong, was spot on. The pupils were in awe at the challenge that she has set for herself as many of them are rowers and know how hard you have to train for this sport! The fact that she is doing this so soon after serious illness was even more inspiring. Kiko spoke with passion, humility and humour and really engaged the pupils; it was clear that she has invested 100% in this adventure. We very much look forward to hearing about how things go!”


“It was a privilege to hear Kiko’s inspirational story in July when she was guest of honour at our Senior School Prize Giving. She gave an excellent talk with a clear message for the girls to take risks and believe they can do anything if they want it enough. She totally engaged her audience with her natural style and confident delivery. Kiko certainly embodies our motto of Fear Nothing and we are very proud to be supporting her on her amazing journey for such a worthy cause.”


“We really enjoyed having you here and thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story with us. I loved the concept of Kikonomics; Resources+ Energy = Resilience – such a simple yet powerful and easily quantifiable way of expressing how to break it down and so widely applicable.”


“Kiko came to talk to Southwark WEP members as part of our Fearless Women event – she was fantastic! Her determination and resolve to get the most out of life whilst not giving in to setbacks along the way is exactly what is needed to inspire women everywhere! We wish her all the best in her quest and encourage everyone to help her on her way.”


“Kiko’s talk at the Women of the future Summit was fantastic – her bravery in the face of such adversity was a real inspiration for all the delegates at the Summit. Her ability to maintain positive and optimistic is a testament to the fortitude of the human spirit and all that can be achieved when one truly believes in their own destiny.”

Other talks have included Santander, Rathboes Wealth Investment, many fundraising dinners, and schools.

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