Transatlantic Blog: Days 41 to 44

13/03/2018 Day 41 Tuesday  – no idea once again what happened today. It’s too far away to remember. Amongst a sea of nothingness, quite literally. I have stopped listening to music, podcasts and watching stuff on my iPad as I seem capable of getting through shifts without. I’m still amazed by the fact I continue to get up out of … Read More

A message from Katherine Grainger

A message from Katherine to Kiko! ‘You’re doing brilliantly, Kiko.  Of course some days will be better than others but the whole world is full of awe and admiration.  You’re doing something 99.99999% of us couldn’t even begin to consider possible.  I love your blogs and smiled at your hot temperature comments while I was having minus 15 degrees in … Read More

Support from James Cracknell

James Cracknell: Kiko, if you’re reading this right now it’s dark & you’re a speck in a vast ocean.  That’s the way you wanted it, you’re inspiring people to fight adversity whilst raising money.  Advice 1. Don’t row another ocean.  2. Enjoy the once in a lifetime solitude.  You’re amazing! JC Kiko is aiming to raise £100,000 for King’s College … Read More

Transatlantic Blog: Days 33 (pt.2) to 35

5/12/2018 Day 33 First things first, at midnight I made the 1000nm left mark! Whoop whoop!! Winds are here and for those following the racket, should see an improvement now! I’ve set myself my sights on trying to make Barbados in under 50 days which I think requires about 61 nm a day. That’s a good amount to cover so the challenge … Read More

Transatlantic Blog: Days 30 (pt.2) to 33

02/03/2018 Day 30 continued. I can’t remember much about today, it’s all too far away and one day is now blurring into the next. All I remember is that today was the last day of the no wind/westerlies. I’m pretty excited. 2 weeks ago I was talking about there being 3 weeks left. Still talking about there being three weeks … Read More

Transatlantic Blog: Days 29 to 30

01/03/2018 Day 29 It’s 7am uk time (still no idea what this is mid Atlantic time but it’s still dark). I’m in awe of the setting moon in the west and the slight lightening sky in the east and then I hear something. I see something and out of the glass rolling swell, a pod of dolphins swims with me on their … Read More

Transatlantic Blog: Days 25 to 28

25/02/2018  Day 25 I made the halfway point!! Nothing to write home about, no flag and no celebration (well 10mins extra sleep!) . I haven’t missed my ciders and weirdly, coffee neither. It’s such a simple life that I find really blissful. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. Life is dictated by the weather and how I feel (sleep!) and … Read More

Update from the mid-Atlantic

24/02/2018 “Kiko is on Para anchor and we expect her to be on this for 12 hours. The winds are coming from the west, driving her east (the wrong way).  By midnight tonight we expect the winds to come from the North, which means she can dive south, which is just what we need because she has a big system … Read More

Transatlantic Blog: Days 19 – 22

20/2/2018 Day 20 Has it really been three days since I last wrote? This is bad, I thought it was just a day ago. Says it all really. The days have been much the same recently. I’ve been playing eye spy with myself. Lasts about 5 mins, the letters W, H, S and C are the most common. Joking, but … Read More

Transatlantic blog – Days 17 to 18

17/02/2018 Day 17 – The words relentless and temporary, miles, days and Barbados, continuously come into my thoughts. I’m sure I was here yesterday. Looks the same. For all I know it could be the same. I wonder if any boat has passed this exact point before or if I’m a first. I forget what I’ve told you. My thoughts … Read More