Having never properly rowed before, or really trained for anything serious, I saw this challenge as a great opportunity to get fit. Get rid of those extra lumps and bumps and get the heart working to its full potential. Little did I realise that endurance sport needs body mass (fat) and less focus on the heart. Never mind, it was … Read More

Where is the cash going?

Honesty and transparency is so important. We only have to look at British politics to know what it causes when we aren’t!  Squirming around the questions, trying to justify dishonest comments and hidden agendas.  And in the adventure world, It’s a big grey area.  Funding someone else’s adventure? Giving money to someone to do something they want.  I get it.  I … Read More

Values and passion

Elena, a sports psychologist and friend, has been working with me to help me mentally succeed in my challenge. She asked what my values were. Dammit! I’m not sure I’m very self-aware. I just do. I should reflect more. If I like it, I engage, if I don’t like it I move on. Mmmmm, my values? Be Honest. Easy!  My … Read More

A road less ordinary

How does anyone know what they really want to do? Where they want to live and with whom? There’s so much choice and what are the chances of getting it right so young? What if you’re missing out on something incredible? For me, if it didn’t feel right, I moved on and found a different place or focus. It started … Read More

‘Why would you do that?!’

I pick up my phone and look for Rannoch Adventure. I press the dial button….. ‘Charlie, how’s things? I’ve had an idea! Is there a world record to be broken for fastest solo female to row the Atlantic!? Is it possible?’ ‘Yes! It’s yours! It’s there waiting to be broken, you’ll be great, I have no doubt’ A little reassurance … Read More