Let's work together

I'm passionate about brands that speak to my values - that make a difference, are responsible about their impact in the world and are fully signed up to the benefits of community and challenge.

If that's how you see your brand, let's find a project we can work on together. You can get some inspiration of what we could do together on the case studies on the right.

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The next few months will be busy - but there's no reason you can't join the journey. I'm sailing with By the Ocean we Unite in August and will be with Team Like a Girl in October, running the world's toughest ultramarathon. Next up after that will be my cycling challenge. 

If you'd like to partner on either of these events get in touch.


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Aussie Grit Apparel have joined my cycling challenge. I am training in this kit because of their dedication to using the highest performing materials and vision of people training outside and being connected to nature - something I feel very strongly about too! 

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Gym+Coffee are an athleisure brand that firmly believe in combining community and physical activity to make everyone's life richer. I've been a brand ambassador for them since before my Atlantic row - training in the gear and appearing in promotional videos for the brand. 



CurraNZ were a huge support to me during my ocean crossing - both in sponsorship and through their antioxidant rich dietary supplement. Their use of 100% natural ingredients was a key reason I chose to partner with them. I found getting the right amount of calories on my row difficult at times during the row, so having CurraNZ on board helped keep me feeling good despite having less than optimal calorie intake.