Kik plastic 2019

Cycling the coast of the UK, building a community against plastic.


I am so excited about my next challenge. 

In 2019, I’m going to 6700km around the coast of the UK in 2019. After breaking the Atlantic world record, you might expect I’d be out for another however my challenge here is not to be the fastest but to build a community of action around the problem of ocean plastics.

Over 3 months I’ll cycle the coast of the UK, joined on each of the 12 stages by volunteer riders from sponsor organisations. At the end of each day, we’ll meet with a local school and do a beach clean together. I am so excited to do a challenge where I am with people - especially since my recent Wadi Rum Ultra Team Like A Girl challenge. Read on for more ways to get involved…


How can you get involved?



First and foremost you can contribute easily on a daily basis - reduce your single plastic use, ask questions of the places you shop that use unnecessary packaging. Let me know on social media when you see something that should be changed.

You’re also most welcome to join any of the 70 beach cleans or part of the cycle ride - sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss an update on locations and timings:



Do you have a community organisation near the UK coast? I would love for your group to join our beach cleans. Email me:

Corporates / Business

Looking for a unique CSR initiative for your team? Each of the 12 legs of my challenge can be sponsored by an organisation that believes our oceans are worth protecting. As well as 6 spots for your team to ride around the UK with me doing beach cleans along the way, you will receive branded content as well as social media opportunities - download the