Transatlantic Blog: Day 41 to 44

Sunset, somewhere in the Atlantic

Sunset, somewhere in the Atlantic

My transatlantic row blog from days 41-44.


Day 41

Tuesday  – no idea once again what happened today. It’s too far away to remember. Amongst a sea of nothingness, quite literally. I have stopped listening to music, podcasts and watching stuff on my iPad as I seem capable of getting through shifts without. I’m still amazed by the fact I continue to get up out of my cabin and row for 2 hrs, again and again and again. I don’t really have a choice, I know but it is odd. Oh and the storm petrel is back. Not sure when it’ll make its turn off south but he/she hasn’t got long! We’re estimating a Wednesday 21st evening arrival if I can keep up my average of 3knts. Exciting!!!


Day 42

Wednesday there I am, standing at the car door about to go inside after almost getting my sat phone off my outdoor contraption (the indoor aerial has stopped working so i have to go outside and wait around for messages and emails, and it’s no 4G, I assure you! Anyway, standing, fortunately holding on and out of nowhere, the most massive rogue wave comes from the side and the next thing I know is I’m hanging out of the boat holding on for (not quite) dear life! The boat is amazingly designed.  And struggles to flip right over so I’m very lucky. A little wobbly and very thankful that a) the satphone has survived (it’s my only form of comms with UK!) b) it wasn’t 30 seconds later when I was opening the cabin door c) it wasn’t 3 minutes earlier when I was sitting on my bucket mid poo! That could have been one for the story books! It taught me that just because you’re nearly there and you are well accustomed to what this has to offer, you can never have a day off from safety and that the ocean is defo the boss.


Day 43
Spilt my bloody museli everywhere. It’s the Bain of my life. I added linseed and chia which constantly get engrained into my already sore bottom, because they somehow make their way into my small Sheepskin I sit on. Simple pleasures like a bowl and table wouldn’t go amiss!
Thursday winds are decreasing m. Boo. Bit disheartening.when you’re nearly there and another curveball is chucked your way. I was beginning to smell the food, feel the fresh sheets (everything I have is sticky damp and salty!), taste the mojito and hear the sound of humans. It puts my arrival back by probs a day depending on how hard I push myself. On one side of the coin I have now fully adapted to life of rowing and ocean but on the other, I am feeling the strain on my body… my point being I’m not sure how much I can push at this stage


Day 44
Friday – last Friday of the challenge I hope. It’s very touch and go wit these decreased winds but fingers crossed. I’m trying hard! 14-15 hrs rowing and about 4-5 hrs broken sleep. My body is definitely in shut down mode. Struggling to get out the cabin and everything feels heavy. Lost my appetite because it is so hot (34 degrees in the shade apparently) Unfortunately these gentle winds are a bit of a set back but there’s nothing I can do, out of y control, and every row stroke is one step closer, so on I plod.

For some reason, I always look over my left arm and today this huge (40/50ft) white whale (really??) came right up to the surface. It was not a hallucination I promise! I always say hello to my animals in the hope they soak a little human but this beast had done all he wanted and dived back down. Any ideas on what species this would be and if I was mistaken?

Sorry blogs are coming a bit few and far between. It’s either writing or sleeping and often sleeping takes precedence (it should now but I have to do it especially since it’s now Saturday!

Love and thanks as always. Really enjoy all the messages so keep em coming

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