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If you would like to join me for some or all of the challenge, you’d be most welcome. We’re unable to take personal responsibility for your health and safety during the ride, you’d be joining me as an independent rider, so you’ll need to ask yourself these questions before committing to do it:

  • Are you a competent road cyclist?

  • Do you have appropriate kit to complete a challenge of this kind

It’s also worth saying that the show must go on - so if you can’t make it to a departure point on time we will still set off - so you’d need to catch us up. (You can check all the routes here)

We can’t provide accommodation or meals however, there might be snacks and other perks depending on the generosity of sponsors and supporters.

If you’ve got this far and are still interested - HURRAH - fill out the form below and we’ll send you details on what you need to do.

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I have read and understand the conditions above and am aware that Kik-Plastic take no responsibility for my personal safety during this ride