In 2009, I survived a rare and life-threatening condition (and in Aug ’17). Now I am attempting to become the fastest female to row the Atlantic, solo and unsupported.

I’m using this opportunity to thank King’s College Hospital by raising £100K for their new Critical Care Unit.

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A few years ago I survived a rare and life-threatening condition. Now I am attempting to become the fastest female to row the Atlantic, solo and unsupported.

Please support my challenge, and help me raise money for King’s College Hospital.


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If you are reading this now I am currently rowing the 3000 miles from Grand Canaria to Barbados.  

You can use the map below to follow my progress on this personal challenge to become the fastest female to row the Atlantic, solo and unsupported.

I am trying to keep everyone up-to-date through my blog posts, you can click on the links to the right to read about my highs and lows, and the mundane… like realising I was going to run out of loo roll!  Thank you all for your support, when you are out here on your own it means so much.

Please continue to contribute to the King’s College Hospital who do some amazing work.


“Wow, Kiko, you certainly do love a challenge! And what a superb, exciting, adventurous challenge you’ve set yourself. Showing the world your go-for-it spirit will brilliantly raise the profile of courageous, risk-taking women as well as raise money for a great cause. You are a true inspiration and I’ll be following your trip with awe. Go, girl, go! Row, girl, row! Absolutely smash that record!”

– Dame Katherine Grainger

“After meeting Kiko and hearing her amazing story of survival, grit and determination I am so honoured to be supporting her and cheering from the side lines. The Challenge she is taking on is monumental and I cannot imagine the courage it takes to row across the Atlantic solo. I wish her fair seas and a following wind and a fulfilling and safe journey.”

– Tracy Edwards MBE

“Kiko is a natural woman of the water and I believe she has the passion to achieve one of the toughest challenges on the planet – crossing an ocean solo”.

– Guin Batten

My Story

Hello. My name, as you might guess from the big headline at the top, is Kiko Matthews. I am an award-winning entrepreneur, environmental activist and adventurer. Right now, I am trying to add ‘world-record holder’ to that list as I attempt to join the handful of women who’ve successfully solo rowed 3000 miles, unsupported across the Atlantic ocean. My goal is to cross in 45 days – beating the current record of 56 days.

Surviving a rare and life-threatening condition called Cushings Disease made me decide to spend the rest of my life pursuing meaningful experiences and challenging myself, both physically and mentally. Through my actions, I want to inspire other people, especially women, to challenge themselves, in whatever way honours their skills and passions, unlocking their personal confidence and independence for happier lives.

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How you can help

There are several ways to get involved and support me.

Challenges are only possible with the kind help of volunteers and sponsors. I’ll go further with your support. Take a look around my site or click below for some practical ways you can help.


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100 TOGETHER – an amazing collective showing women what can be achieved if we build a supportive network and work togetHER.

This new community of other ladies and business owners will be supporting Kiko and helping to spread the message around the benefits of challenge. –
Join the 100 TOGETHER collective, promoting Challenge, Collaboration and Community.

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I’ve set up my own award-winning business, run a marathon and paddleboarded around Ibiza but the ocean crossing will be my greatest challenge yet; 40ft waves, rowing alone through the dark night, sleep deprivation and physical pains like blisters and muscle aches will all be endured and overcome. I’m doing all this to raise money for King’s College Hospital, who saved my life in 2009.

I also give talks on facing challenges and empowerment to schools and community groups. Find out more here.

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Whether you want to be part of the team promoting the empowering of women, help with the fundraising for King’s College Hospital, or perhaps you want to develop a skill you feel you can offer me, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and support me.


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Thank you all so much.

If you would like to get involved and be part of this record breaking attempt you can find out more about how to do that here, or use the form to get in touch.